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Jan, 2024

Bronco Ball... A BBA Camp Favorite Since 2001

Why is BRONCO BALL so dang fun and such a great game for developing better players? Here's ten reasons why it's been a camp favorite since 2001:
1. It's fast paced. There's hardly any dead time, hitters only get two pitches, and THERE. IS. ALWAYS. ACTION.
2. It's 5v5. Small sided games allow for hitters to get wayyyyy more ABs and fielders to get wayyyyyy more plays.
3. It's easy and hard. Coaches soft toss the pitches, so all hitters can be successful ... however, the tight field of play makes it so that not all hit balls are productive.
4. It's challenging for all defenders. All defenders get opportunities every inning and are important for their team's succcess.
5. It's competitive. We use a scoring system that rewards runs scored throughout the week, so even if a team loses a game, the points they get in the game help them in the overall tournament standing.
6. It's player directed. The coaches are there to pitch, ump, and create positive energy. The players do the rest.
7. It reinforces good habits. For example, defenders have to be in the ready position because they know they will be getting balls hit to them. HItters know they are getting only two pitches, so they must be focused.
8. It creates success and failure. All competitive games can create success and failure, but Bronco Ball enables ALL players to have more opportunities to experience success many times in every game. So even when a player fails, they know they will have another chance in just a few minutes.
9. It's high energy. There's no wasted time between innings or between plays. Coaches call "delay of game" if either team is not ready to hit or field. This energy and pace ensures lots of play time and lots of fun.
10. It's unique. There's no baserunning, no player pitching, and there's defensive zones, so the players love that they are playing ball in a unique way.
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