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2024 Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp #1

  • June 10-14, 2024 (9:00am-3:00pm)
    • For Boys and Girls Ages 5-12 Years Old
    • At Foothill Middle School (Walnut Creek, CA)
    • $400 Registration Fee (Register Now!)

Summer Camp #2

  • June 17-21, 2024
    • For Boys and Girls Ages 5-12 Years Old
    • At Foothill Middle School (Walnut Creek, CA)
    • $400 Registration Fee (Register Now!)

Summer Camp #3

  • July 8-12, 2024
    • For Boys and Girls Ages 5-12 Years Old
    • At Foothill Middle School (Walnut Creek, CA)
    • $400 Registration Fee (Register Now!)

Summer Camp #4

  • July 15-19, 2024
    • For Boys and Girls Ages 5-12 Years Old
    • At Foothill Middle School (Walnut Creek, CA)
    • $400 Registration Fee (Register Now!)

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2024 Camp Divisions

At Bronco Baseball Academy, our goal is to provide the best summer baseball and softball camps in the Bay Area. In order to give your child the best opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment, we break our summer camps into separate divisions based on age and sport. This allows campers to practice with and compete against players within their same age range and skill level. The summer camp divisions are subject to weekly changes, but typically as follows:

  • 5-6 Years Old = ROOKIES
  • 7 Years Old = PONIES
  • 7-8 Years Old = COLTS
  •  8-9 Years Old = STALLIONS
  • 9-10 Years Old = MUSTANGS
  • 10-12 Years Old = BRONCOS

Click here to view a typical daily schedule at Bronco Baseball Academy!

Our Promise

No matter how old or how skilled, we promise that your child will receive the following while at Bronco Baseball Academy (BBA):

Individualized Instruction
Every camper will get personalized training in every facet of their game. Our staff doesn't just manage a team or supervise a group - they coach up our campers using the latest tools and the best methods for young players. 

Positional Training
Young players need to learn multiple positions to develop their skills, understand the game of baseball and softball, and improve their athleticism. At BBA, every camper will experience training at infield, outfield, catching and pitching and will have an opportunity to play multiple positions during game time.

Competitive Drills and Games
We believe that players learn best by doing. Thus, every single day campers will play multiple games and participate in competitive drills to help them improve their skills while having fun. We create awards for winning players/teams, but also reward hustle, attitude, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Character Development
Every day at BBA has a different focus that helps campers learn new skills that will help them on and off the diamond. From TEAMMATE TUESDAY to WACKY WEDNESDAY to WORLD SERIES FRIDAY, we believe that camp is more than just about learning new drills - it's about gaining more confidence, developing a stronger work ethic, setting proper goals, better understanding the mental game of baseball and softball, and becoming a better friend and teammate.

Baseball Knowledge
We encourage campers to study the game of baseball and softball - to read the sports page, check out the box scores, and watch the Giants and A's on television. We then do "Baseball and Softball Trivia" every morning to see what the players are learning. Throughout the course of the week, players will learn more about the game of baseball and softball and its great tradition, culture, nuances, and intricacies. Young ballplayers will see that by studying the sport, they will become more confident and comfortable while playing the game.

Fun Surprises
Whether it's a water balloon challenge, hand-eye coordination drill, slip 'n slide adventure, or high-five competition, our camp is designed to keep players on their toes. We know that all players have different needs and our surprises and fun activities ensure everyone will have a blast at camp.

Healthy Environment
Bronco Baseball Academy is determined to provide the safest and healthiest camp environment possible. We have developed a COVID-19 Plan that lays out protocols and procedures that will help keep all campers, families, and staff members safe and healthy during this time. 

Camp Description

At Bronco Baseball Academy we believe that every camper can improve their skills, have fun with friends, and increase their love of the game in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. With our high coach to camper ratio, we ensure that every player is directly supervised, every player will receive direct instruction, and every player will get the proper individual attention they need. Our philosophy at BBA is that every player can play high school baseball/softball or beyond with the right attitude, right coaching, and right practice. Through a focus on fundamentals and highly competitive games and activities, we specialize in making our campers play better baseball and softball.

BBA camps focus on the key fundamentals of throwing, catching, pitching, hitting, bunting, baserunning, sliding, and fielding. We constantly stress a good attitude, sportsmanship, hustle, and hard work because those are lasting traits both on and off the field. We know that players who are better teammates and love to learn from their coaches will go further than those who don't.
You can expect that your child will improve their skills while attending Bronco Baseball Academy. You can also expect that they will learn to compete harder, love the game more, be a better teammate, be more respectful to their coaches and learn to further honor the great game of baseball. At BBA we encourage every camper to become their own coach, to develop their leadership skills, to be a better friend and student, to be a healthier person, and to become a true student of the game. We provide rewards for watching college and pro games in the evenings and reading the sports page in the mornings. We ask trivia about the history of the game and we want all players to end the week by agreeing with us that baseball and softball are the greatest game on earth!

Bronco Softball

Bronco Softball, coming Summer 2024, will provide an elite experience and sport-specific instruction for softball players of all skill levels between 5-12 years old. Bronco Softball will create teams of all girls of the same/similar age who are coached by experienced softball head and assistant coaches. Bronco Softball will provide sport-specific drills that enable youth softball players to build their skills, develop confidence in their game, and have fun playing ball with their peers. Additionally, all Bronco Softball players will participate in BBA's classic programming, contests, events, and experiences when appropriate.

Joe Dawson Memorial Scholarship

Recipients of the Joe Dawson Memorial Scholarship receive one week of Bronco Baseball Academy (BBA) at no charge and all the necessary equipment for camp and their summer baseball needs. This scholarship application process is open to all local families once per child, per summer. (Children must be between 5-12 years old to attend BBA.) The BBA staff will award a limited number of scholarships based on financial need, interest and involvement in baseball, potential for growth and development through the BBA experience, and space availability. This scholarship fund was created in memory of Joe Dawson, a longtime supporter of the Northgate community, youth baseball, and local families in need.

Click Here to Complete a Scholarship Application

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is designed to discourage last minute cancellations and to help families on our waiting list. The camp fee is refundable minus 25% up to two weeks prior to the camp start date. Within two weeks of the camp start date, there are no refunds or transfers. During camp there is no refund for camper illness, missed days, or vacations.

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