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Bronco Baseball Academy


"He enjoyed the whole camp experience from learning baseball fundamentals to the fun games and drills throughout the whole week. The coaches were great and always positive. Definitely worth my drive from Benicia. This is our 2nd summer coming here and my son loves the atmosphere...Thanks to the whole staff!!" -- HECTOR E. (July 2013) 

"Kids had a great time. Everyday they came home with different baseball cards. And a great story behind every earned card. The fact that on the last day of camp, on our drive home both my sons asked 'Can we go to the Bronco Baseball Academy again next year?' Pretty much tells it all." -- MARTINEZ FAMILY (July 2013) 

"I am always so impressed with the enthusiasm of your instructors and the organization of the camp.  I have and will continure to recommend this camp to anyone who is looking for a baseball camp for their child." -- JENNIFER MILLETTE (July 2013) 

"Our son, Kyle has attended other baseball camps but none the was as excited about as Bronco Baseball Academy! Everyday he was excited to talk and tell me about what happened at camp... Especially what he had learned... great job!" -- MICHELLE McKIBBIN (July 2013) 

"Our son loved BBA. I could not even bring my car to a complete stop before he was trying to get out in the morning. It was a great week. We will for sure be back next summer." -- M. RODRIGUEZ (July 2013) 

"This was our first experience with Bronco Baseball Academy and my 2 boys (ages 7 & 10) had a blast!  They couldn't wait to get there in the mornings to participate in baseball card trivia, they asked for fruits and veggies in their lunches each day and they came home excited to do baseball "research" for the next day!  The staff was wonderful in teaching the boys so much more than how to play baseball.  They reinforced life skills (eye contact, being thankful, looking out for others and taking responsibility for themselves).  I can't say enough good things about our Bronco Baseball Academy experience!" -- SUSI FARMER (July 2013) 

"My son LOVED your program.  He is a changed kid because of you and your staff.  He ate an avocado last night!!  And he is asking how he can help, and is absolutely insane about baseball (which he was before but now it is about the WHOLE game, not just playing).  Thank you for turning him into a sportsman.  We signed him up for a second week because this was such a success.  Now he can't wait until NEXT summer!" -- RACHEL PERGAMIT (July 2013) 

"Last year was Cole's first year of kid pitch and it was a horrible year for him.  He had so many expectations placed on him by coaches and he struggled trying to adjust.  When the season was over we weren't really sure he would play again!  He came to camp and all of you made him fall in love with baseball all over again.  As a parent it was such a relief to see that happiness and love in his eyes again.  You guys made him remember it is a game and it is supposed to be fun.  This year he had a great year and of course all he talked about was when was it time to go to BBA.  Thank you all so much!  You all have such a positive impact on these kids not only in baseball but in life!" -- LISA KEMPER (July 2013) 

"My son attended camp in June and he loved it! We heard about Bronco Ball all week. He can't wait to go back next year." -- MARIA VOLK (July 2013) 

"Best Baseball camp around! Jack thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the camp. He learned a lot and had tons of fun. He will definitely be signing up again." -- KATIE KARST (July 2013) 

"This was a great camp! I highly recommend it! My son is 12 and did the 1 week camp 1/2 day with 3 of his buddies and they all loved it. Coach Flicke is incredible and Coach Jmac is incredible. My son will definitely do the camp next year! Thank you for loving baseball as much as our family does!"  -- ALYSE PELLEGRINI (July 2012) 

"What an amazing experience for the boys! This was Cole's first year and he absolutely loved every minute of it. A HUGE thank you to all of guys for allowing Cole to have fun with the game again. You reinstilled his passion. We will be back next year for sure. Until then double eye black salute to the men of BBA!" -- LISA CRAIG-KEMPER (July 2012) 

"This was a great Summer Baseball experience for both my children. My daughter Isabella wanted me to send a special shout out & thanks to Coaches, Stretchy, Peach, Bogsy, JJ, Doc & ESPECIALLY Coach Flickey, you guys are the best!!!!" -- KARA SOTO (July 2012) 

"Colin LOVED his 2 weeks at BBA. Thank you for such a great experience. He will definitely be back next summer!" -- SAMANTHA SHELDON (July 2012) 

"Great camp two years in a row. My boys loved it!" -- LISA McGUINNES (July 2012) 

"I wanted to thank you and the rest of the coaches for the wonderful baseball camp you provided for the boys! (My son) talked the entire ride home each day about what he learned and how much fun he had with the drills and games." -- TINA N. (June 2011) 

"Our son came home everyday from your camp talking about what he learned and how much fun he had. He was so excited to learn from the Northgate coaches and players. I could tell his skills improved, but more importantly, his love for baseball greatly increased after your camp!" -- GWEN B. (June 2011)

"I wanted to let you know how much my son enjoyed baseball camp. He can't get enough of baseball and your program has been a great experience for him. Thank you." -- BETTE B. (June 2011)

"My son had a great time at camp. He learned a lot from the coaches and had a wonderful time with the other players." -- CHUCK STELLINI (June 2010) 

"We just wanted to let you know how much (our son) enjoyed your Bronco Baseball camp. I was impressed at how organized it was, from the registration process to the rules for behavior on the field. The games you had them play were a blast, and the incentives of getting baseball cards, etc. was a good idea. He had so much fun and I'm sure he will be joining you all again next summer, if not for some of the clinics during the year." -- SANDRA PERCARIO (June 2010)

"My son hadn't ever been to any baseball camps before, and I want you to know how much he enjoyed himself. He made new friends and learned alot. He liked his coaches... they were very encouraging and helpful to him. He was very disappointed when the last day came. He wanted it to last longer and asked me to sign him up for next year. Your camp was well organized and he had alot of fun and was never bored. He couldn't wait to go each morning. Thank you for doing such a good job. My son and I appreciate all your hard work, it paid off!" -- PAIGE LOFGREN (June 2010) 

"I wanted to let you know that our 10 year old son had a great time at your camp. I was very impressed with how organized it was and the enthusiasm of the coaches and players. He always had stories of exciting bronco ball games and other drills. Not only do you help the kids improve their skills, but you teach them to respect the other players and coaches, and to always have a positive attitude. Great job....we will be back." -- DEBBIE EVERTON (June 2010) 

"Great camp, run very well, my son really enjoyed it. Thanks, we’ll see you at your next clinic or camp." -- DUNCAN RHODES (June 2009)

"I must say my son went last year without any buddies and loved it. I recommended it to numerous people that went this year with him. I really felt that it was very organized and the communication via e-mail was great." --ANN BONANO (June 2009) 

"My son loved your camp so much. Every day he would talk about what he did and what he was learning from you. He found it very helpful and informative. Thanks so much for all your hard work and showing our kids what a great sport baseball is."
-- CINDY SHARPE (June 2009)